Plaza de España: My Thoughts

I am writing this week’s blog on a Friday instead of the usual Sunday/Monday, I had gotten all the way to university for 9am to find out the lesson had been cancelled… Seeing as it was my only lesson of the day I thought I would make the most of the time I had!
This is a blog post that I had contemplated writing a couple of weeks ago, seeing as I briefly mentioned the location in my last blog ‘1 month on: Sevilla And Travel Plans’, I thought it would be worthwhile publishing a post this week. If you have not read my previous post yet, I would recommend it! Sure, maybe I am a little biased since I wrote the article but still!
A simple search for ‘Sevilla’ on Google Images and it is guaranteed that the Plaza de España will feature on the majority of the images that you will see, this place is simply stunning in the images and made it a must see for myself when I got to Sevilla. The Plaza was actually the first landmark that I had went to in Sevilla, since being high on my list of things to see!
In preparation for heading to the Plaza, I actually did a little research on the place (I could have benefitted doing the same for my visit to Real Alcázar) I had found out that the Plaza, was completed in 1929 and served the purpose of showcasing Spain’s industry and technology exhibits, essentially a ‘look world, see what we can build’.
In popular culture, Plaza de España has been used as a filming location for several blockbuster movies including: Star Wars, Lawrence of Arabia and Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator (I say blockbuster films but this was a little tragic and not worth the mention really). I have seen these films and vaguely remember the scenes which the Plaza features, so it was cool to be able to see this in person without being on the big screen or photos.
The plaza is located just outside of the city centre, it is worth mentioning at this point that you should not follow Apple Map’s advice on directions as it seemed to have taken me a longer route which was totally unnecessary and added an extra 40 minutes onto the walk.
However, when I arrived, I was blown away by the attention to detail of the Plaza; the use of brightly coloured ceramics around the area really shows that the level of detail they wanted to present and the canal brings great amusement of watching tourists poorly row boats down only to keep hitting the sides!
When exploring, I had listened in on a tour guide who was showing people around and picked up the fact that the Plaza is the size of five football pitches! This really surprised me, I mean the place is huge but I didn’t expect it to be that big! It really is something that no image can properly put into perspective.
Overall, I had spent around 45 minutes walking around the location, I loved every part of the location it is simply stunning. However, a small bit of advice from me, just make sure you keep away from other people as I was bombarded with request to take images for people! This is all well and I don’t have a problem doing so, but when people ask you to retake it a couple of times as it was not how they anticipated the image looking it starts to become frustraiting… Maybe I’m just not a great photographer. This is one profession that I really don’t see the point in and that will annoy a few I’m sure. It seems to have gotten to the point that anyone who owns a camera (doesn’t matter the type) and an Instagram page they instantly become a professional photographer…

Upon my initial visit to the Plaza, I have been back several times, it truly a location that you just want to keep coming back just for the scenery! I would really recommend for anyone who considers coming to Sevilla to get down to Plaza de España… Again, you probably were but this is another location with my approval!




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